Your training was amazing and I had positive follow up from staff who attended. The puzzles are on display and we’ve been working cohesively as a team! After your training team members recognize the importance of working together and effective communication. We you know better, you do better! Your training equipped us with the necessary tools, so we can be productive and effective in our daily tasks.

Tonia Labbé

Executive Director, Nehemiah Center

I cannot put into words how valuable the training we had from Jason Montanez, with Catapult Leadership. Mr. Montantez came to my office and observed how my employees interact with our patients, which included patient check-in, treatment, and session conclusion.

Based off this assessment, we were provided with a personalized assessment, listing our strengths and weaknesses, in addition to tips on how to improve product sales to customers. Jason also provided a staff presentation and training, which provided real world examples on how to “Lead, Sale, and Care”!!! The entire team was so excited about the training that we invested in purchasing twelve copies of Jason’s Montanez books, “Lead, Sale, Care”.

In less than 30 days, I am happy to report that Sterling Physical Therapy & Wellness increased our product sales by over 220%!!!! I want to personally thank Jason Montanez and the entire Catapult Leadership team. Please keep doing what you are doing, as it will truly change the way companies sell their products!!

Dr. Sterling L. Carter, PT, DPT, MS, CSCS

President & CEO, Sterling Physical Therapy & Wellness

The book was very well done and was prescriptive and straight forward. It is an excellent, how too book for everyone from a front-line player through a mid-level manager.

Michael A. Graves

Managing Partner, Graves Advisory Group, LLC

My clients have great vision and passion to make the world a better place, but they need some business principles to help them. I think your book is an invaluable resource

Lori Peters McClure

Owner, President - SOARing Consultants, LLC

Jason Montanez presents a practical and colorful account of leadership on the “frontlines” of sales and customer service. This freshman literary project could just as easily be at home in a senior sales meeting as it would be in a university business class. Montanez’s passionate and conversational tone puts leaders at ease in performing self examination, yet challenges them to move to self actualization.

Connie "CJ" Jackson

President , On The Edge Ministries, Inc.

There are a lot of theoretical books that discuss leadership, sales and customer care as separate topics. What most people need is a practical step by step guide that links these critical subjects in a non-theoretical way. Jason Montanez has provided that guide in LSC as Easy As 123. He has the experience and insight to link leadership, sales and customer care in an easy to read and comprehensive book. Every generation has unique characteristics and Mr. Montanez understands the newest generation entering the workforce as well as the tools and values that are part of their lives. This is a “must buy” book both for baby boomers and the newest generation entering the workforce. It is written by a leader who understands and has provided leadership in a changing world.

Barry J Kaplan, PH.D.

President , B.J. Kaplan & Associates

Everyone can benefit from connecting with Jason’s passion, insight and energy. Whether it is through reading his book, LSC as easy as 123 . . . Lead, Sell, Care, attending his seminars, or benefiting from his personal coaching and consulting, your world will be enriched, both professionally and personally.

Diane Muntean

Co-Founder, The Muntean Leadership Group

Jason has an infectious attitude about service to the customer. He has translated this ability to inspire others in helping them have the same desire to drive results through customer focused leadership. His leadership style is contagious and spreads throughout the organization that he works with.

Anthony Bowman

Verizon Enterprise Solutions Director & Former West Vice President of Customer Service

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