Connect. Convince. Convert.

Launching the Leader within you

The Catapult Leadership Group helps organizations to focus on the fundamental core principles of leading, selling, and caring to get back to basics.

Connect. Convince. Convert.

Launching the Leader within you

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Lead, Sell, Care As Easy as 123

It’s Time To Get Back To Basics

In this ever-changing competitive environment that we live in today, having great leaders, salespeople and care professionals is paramount for success! I contend that focusing energy around these three principles is all organizations need to do to be powerful and sustainable…Learn More

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“Your training was amazing and I had positive follow up from staff who attended… After your training team members recognize the importance of working together and effective communication.”

Tonia Labbé, Executive Director, Nehemiah Center
“ The entire team was so excited about the training…In less than 30 days, I am happy to report that Sterling Physical Therapy & Wellness increased our product sales by over 220%!”

Dr. Sterling L. Carter, PT, DPT, MS, CSCS, President & CEO, Sterling Physical Therapy & Wellness
“The book was very well done and was prescriptive and straight forward. It is an excellent, how too book for everyone from a front-line player through a mid-level manager.”

Michael A. Graves , Managing Partner – Graves Advisory Group, LLC
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a Leadership & Management Consultant in Houston TX

we work to set you apart.

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level and launch the leaders within you and your staff, The Catapult Leadership Group will be waiting for your call. We offer high-level leadership coaching in Houston TX to help you address the leadership gap. Since our founding by Jason B. Montanez in 2010, we’ve been partnering with businesses like yours to create long-lasting change and increase productivity.

Before we start your management coaching in Houston TX, we take the time to seriously get to know your staff and your work processes. We believe every business is unique and that everyone is capable of being a leader. The Catapult Leadership Group delivers specifically designed training sessions customized to get your company results. Not only is Jason B. Montanez the catalyst and thought leader you need for concrete results in a leadership consultant in Houston TX, he has the integrity and respect to be your trusted partner in your company’s advancement.

The Catapult Leadership Group offers keynote speeches or presentations and more in-depth consultations leadership coaching in Houston TX. Our team emphasizes leadership, sales and customer care as the three core pieces necessary for success in any business. When we work with a company, we don’t just create positive change and increase productivity. We empower people to create change for themselves.

Take the first step toward greater success. With baby boomers starting to retire in massive numbers and current leadership training failing to prepare qualified leaders to take their places, most companies predict or are already experiencing a lack of effective leaders. We’ll help you close that leadership gap and give your leaders the skills to carry your company into the future. 

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