Keynote Topics

Keynote Topics

Each speech is fully customized to your organization as our main priority is to meet your goals. Jason will personally conduct a full consultation to get to know your business, what your key performance indicators are, what challenges you are facing, and adapt to your culture. All speeches receive approval from your leadership prior to showtime to ensure customer care and optimal impact.

You can expect your team to be engaged and wowed with Jason’s energy, passion, and humor.

I look forward to partnering and speaking for you.

Connect. Convince. Convert.

Launching the Leader within you

Speeches Geared for Profit & Non-Profit audiences

Green Means GO!: Ceasing the “NO” to get to where you want to GO

What is keeping you from reaching your full potential? Why are you hesitating? Is it FEAR? Is it insecurity? Maybe, you just don’t know how? Well, don’t worry, you’re just like the rest of us. We have so much potential and great ideas that often times we’ll suffer from paralysis by over-analysis. This talk will give you the tools to GO, and not succumb to stagnation any longer. GO!

Attendees will Leave:

  • Able to identify when and why they are stagnant
  • Inspired to be the best that they can be
  • Motivated to act and not just talk
  • Fully equipped to face all challenges head on

Three The Hard way: Three Critically Vital components that differentiate you from your competition forever! But, It’s HARD!

What makes a business recession proof?  What keep businesses in business? How can you weather the proverbial storm?  Some will say that there is no silver bullet;  we beg to differ because we have it. The Catapult Leadership Group was built off of three pillars also known as our three vital organs.  Leadership (the brain), Sales ( the lungs), and CARE (the heart).  It has been our experience that the absence of any of these vital organs will result in major complications.  If  these organs stay healthy, you’ll be creating a sustainable environment of success that will flourish for years to come.

Attendees will leave:

  • Focused on the critical organs and how to optimize them so that they will perform to their optimal capabilities
  • More knowledgeable around Leadership, Sales, & Care
  • Pragmatic ways to enhance their Leadership, Sales, & Care skillset
  • Better equipped to Lead, Sell, & Care

Want Sales???? We’ll show you how!

Want Sales to RISE? Let us take you through the RISE philosophy

Plain and simple: You have to generate sales of your product or service to have a successful business; Period! However, there’s a huge challenge. The current business climate is as competitive as it has ever been and we must truly differentiate ourselves in the marketplace to realize success. The RISE philosophy is just what you need to take your sales and your salespeople to the next level.

Attendees will leave:

  • Empowered to take control of their sales results and close more deals
  • Focused with the necessary sales attitude to ensure success
  • Motivated to be more innovative in their sales approach
  • Educated on what it truly takes to be a top salesperson

Do you really CARE? Four things to ensure customers become loyal to you and your brand.

This day and age where a negative customer experience can go viral in a mere second, it’s critical that we not only show customers that we care about them, but we get them to be promoters and loyal to our brands. How?  This is the question that many businesses have answered incorrectly for many years now. Only a few really “get it!” Why? Because you can’t fake CARE-ing. CARE has to go from just a word on a website or a flyer, (what I like to call “sound good jargon”) to a living and breathing organism. Let me show you how!

Attendees will leave

  • Better equipped to defend your brand
  • Knowledgeable about what customers really care about
  • Capable of taking customers from satisfied to loyal
  • Implementing the “New Golden Rule”

Talks geared to the HS and College Athletic audiences

The Real Deal! Using Athletics as a platform to Catapult YOU!

Attendees will leave:

  • Equipped with the tools to harness their strengths
  • The importance of education (leaving school with a degree)
  • The importance of making good decisions (decision making and the little things)
  • Falling in Love with the process (attitude)
  • Delaying gratification-The Power of Patience (selflessness)
  • Finding one’s Passion & Purpose (life after athletics)

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