Connect. Convince. Convert.

Jason B. Montanez

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In 2010, Jason B. Montanez founded The Catapult Leadership Group to “Launch the Leader Within You.” The Catapult Leadership Group is a full-fledged consulting firm that focuses on Leadership, Sales, and Customer Care at the middle management/front-line level for two reasons. Primarily, because we believe this is the most critical level and secondly, because this is where the greatest GAP exists in business. At The Catapult Leadership Group, we profess that everyone possesses leadership qualities and tendencies regardless of title or status. Our main objective is to assist in channeling our clients’ energy in a positive and uplifting direction. We believe that it is human capital that drives revenues as well as the bottom-line at organizations. The Catapult Leadership Group serves as the catalyst to “Launch the Leader Within” your staff. Our three step methodology is simple:

We Connect, We Convince, and We Convert!

Connecting is the leadership part of the equation. One cannot lead and influence behavior in people if there is no connection. Period! We use proven leadership methods to ensure that connection takes place.

Convincing is the sales component of the equation. Everyone is a sales person and we do not just focus on how to increase sales of a produc t or service, but assist in finding innovative ways to sell an ideology to create discipleship in your staff.

Converting is the care and final part of the equation. As an individual, if your goal is to be successful, you must not only care about personal success but the success of others on the team as well. Moreover, if the ultimate goal is for the organization to be successful and realize true growth, a conversion has to occur for everyone to undoubtedly care about themselves, their customers and everyone associated within the supply chain.

In essence, The Catapult Leadership Group helps organizations to focus on the fundamental core principles of leading, selling, and caring to get back to basics. The result of this will be an unwavering culture of high level leading, selling, and caring at every level of the organization.

Permit us to assist you in transcending current performance to realize breakthrough results,


Connect. Convince. Convert.

Launching the Leader within you

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